Although the current
presentation on this site
is dedicated to images
made from 4x5 film
negatives, Steve does
his 35mm work with
Nikon D-
700 and D-800
digital cameras. All data
is then uploaded into
Adobe Camera Raw for
initial processing and
finished in Photoshop
6. The 4x5 work was
produced with an
Omega view camera
and when shooting in
black and white, the
zone system is
employed as a means
to control exposure and
development. The
finished negatives are
then scanned into
Adobe Photoshop CS
with an Epson V700
photo scanner. All prints
are made on an Epson
Stylus Pro 4900 wide
format printer with the
K-3 archival HDR ink
John 1987  © Copyright Steve Somen
Image Info

Location:  Chicago, IL
Format:  4x5
Camera:  Omega (view) w/150mm lens
Film:  Kodak Super XX  160 ASA
Aperture/shutter speed:  
f 5.6 2/3  1/15 sec.
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