Steve is constantly
searching for favorable
lighting conditions that
reveal and stimulate
the mind's eye, those
that enhance texture,
detail and give the
illusion of depth.
Whenever possible, a
tripod and slow shutter
speeds are utilized.
Post production is
performed in Adobe
Photoshop CS4 and
prints are generally
treated a great deal of
dodging and burning
effectively printing
down the image with
an emphasis on
increased contrast. On
many occasions
adjustment and
shadow layers are
used to increase
density for example so
as not to degrade the
original file.
Jess 1987  © Copyright Steve Somen
Image Info

Location:  Chicago, IL
Format:  4x5
Camera:  Omega (view) w/150mm lens
Film:  Kodak Super XX  250 ASA
Aperture/shutter speed:  
f 5.6  1/30 sec.
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